Urgent Genius The power of real-time creativity

Grant Hunter and Jon Burkhart presented the future of real-time content at SXSWi in March 2011. We call it Urgent Genius: Creating Topical Social Ideas At Speed.

Watch the news. Get an idea. Stay up all night. Write. Design. Code. Seed it on one website. Get 25 million hits in 3 days. This is the new breed of hybrid creative. They're dangerous. They join start-ups. They revolutionise design and ad agencies. They're turning creative departments into newsrooms. This is a proactive place where what's topical is king, so the content must be created quickly. This is the only way it will have an immediate impact across all social channels. This means hours. Not days and weeks. These hybrid types have a motto: Do it now. Ask forgiveness later. It's easier than getting permission.

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